We take pride in all of the products our young ladies make.

We take pride in all of the products our young ladies make.


Transitions Candles is the social enterprise of Girls Empowered Mentally for Success, Inc. that provides another means for a healthy transition for “That GEMS Girl”. “That GEMS Girl” is a resilient creature of purpose. She is diverse. She is strong and she is weak. She is tall and she is short. She is skinny and she is heavy. She is without color and full of color at the same time. She is dynamic, but does not know it yet. She is an essential element of the community, but does not recognize the power and purpose within her. She is you and she is me.

Our vision is to create healthy transitions for girls everywhere. Our mission is empowering high school girls to discover their passion and purpose through creativity and wisdom.

Our girls receive:

  • Four months of college prep

  • Work readiness workshops

  • Applicable certifications

  • Paid internships

  • Adult mentors


Media Coverage

Fox 13 News learns more about how Transitions Candles partners with Seventh Avenue Apothecary to help girls in the Community.  In addition they showcase the girls and shop on "What's Right with Tampa Bay"



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Transitions Candles is a social venture that partners with small boutiques, large corporations and individuals to provide leadership and workforce skills to girls within the community. The funds generated from sales along with your generous donations go directly towards developing programs that foster those healthy transitions.


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